Can you relate

OK...I admit. I stole this idea from another source's "thought for the day". But since it is a quote from a song, I didn't really 'steal' it, right? ♥

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.

Quote from The Eagles, Album: On the Border

I love what this says, and even more, I am thankful that I finally found the key to MY chain.
Can any of you relate? And how?

Jan ♥

One of my alltime favorite songs! Love this quote. We all do have the key to our own freedom. It's just such a struggle to find it sometimes.
Thanks, Jan

lol great idea :D

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I ♥ the Eagles! :)

YES!! Chains... We built these chains, link by link, just as Scrooge did. ;0) So, it makes sense that we are the ones that have to unlock them and push them away. They're heavy and it can be hard to imagine being able to turn the key. But we CAN! And the lightness that comes when they fall away... Ahhhhh... :) I remember that feeling after a cast was removed from my arm. Like FLOATING. The absense of what once weighed me down was amazing. Shedding an ED is more of a gradual process, I think. But still an amazing, lightening feeling. ♥

Love you!


I ♥ the Eagles too! The chain of an eating disorder...kind of ironic that IT gets heavier and many of us got lighter...and so on....
The freedom feels like an Eagle soaring....huh...just thought of that....♥

my singing gets scratchy when i get to that verse...

Yes I can relate. There's a reason that song is such a classic. Humans are wonderful as self imprisonment. Today I honor just that, that we all sometimes find ourselves stuck,and more importantly the key is not out of reach. It may take some stretching or strength to turn that sucker, but we can.
I find myself in an ugly place today, a place I don't have to stay. Today I take responsibility for being my own hero and am busting out.
For me this means loving myself enough to digest every bit of precious food I am lucky enough to eat.
Food is life, not a prison. I choose life.
Thank you Ms.Manager. Thank you beautiful Jan.

Thank you Patsy. You are your own hero! Hearing you and loving you....Jan ♥