CANNOT deal with new set of financail problems!

I simply CANNOT face this new set of financial problems (and the depression that has also come again!!!

I just don't have it in me anymore! I went through this too many times before. I'm doing (I think) a whole lot of things better than I was before (for myself and for others), and yet... simply doesn't seem to matter. It looks like I'm having to skip a check to the Federal Treasury ($400 per month) and may have trouble making this rent payment!

And I am SO SICK of being up against this wall!!!

We seem to be doing fine, and then BLAM!!!

Now, after being semi-retired, it looks like I have to go back out and find a job again!

It's just all too much!!

Help! Anyone know anyone I can turn to for help w this?

Sorry to hear. We read in the news about 2M folks losing unemployment benefits, and we read about 9.5% unemployment, but sometimes they just seem like numbers flashing across a screen if you don't know the people involved.

Hope you can find your way back on your feet. May I ask how old you are? You mentioned being semi-retired so I imagine you are at an age in which you thought you may no longer be working.

I'm sixty four. But I really don't think I want to just stop being active. I want to do more and more, actually.