Cannot quit smoking

Hi this is my first time on this site and really need some input. I quit smoking for 9 years and then started again and have been smoking for 20 years since. I have much stress in my life and so it makes it difficult to let go of these things. I have tried the patch and was allergic, have tried the drugs and was allergic, etc. etc. Since I want to quit so badly I seem to smoke more when I try. I just cannot give them up and they are running my life. Any help out there. Thanks Doe

Hi Doe, welcome to Support Groups, thank you so much for being here with us and for sharing. Have you asked your doctor for other options that may work for you since you're having allergic reactions to the patch? I found this site to be very helpful and insightful, most especially with Nicotine Replacement options; Please know that we are here for you and here to help you through this.