Can't believe it, I start school this Saturday. looking to b

Can't believe it, I start school this Saturday. looking to become a substance abuse counselor - hoping to help make a change and be someone's support when looking to getting themselves sober. People tell me: Why do substance abuse though, get into something that will "forever be needed", such as medical or dental field. Yeah sure that will forever be here but so will drugs & additions. It is no where near over. It's been a battle that most people in this world keep quite from & won't open up about. People are losing their lives and the codependent people are losing themselves along the way too. I maybe only 1 person, but this 1 person will go above & beyond for someone who really is in need of help & looking to change. Be the difference, be the inspiration, be the change <3

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Just go for it, i don't think drugs will be out of this world before you reach the age of 100.

Its sad to think that drugs and addiction will be around forever, but its true. People who get into the field you are have nowhere to go but up and are always in demand. I have had a lot of help from some of these people who genuinely seemed to care and sometimes put themselves in mine/others shoes. If you are a compassionate person who wants to help others as I'm pretty sure you are just from the career direction you have decided, there is no limit to the good you can do and the success you will achieve. You are an inspiration.

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Love your attitude. We will always need substance abuse counselors, that's for sure. You are a great contribution to the world

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Maybe you didn't have a problem/ or don't. I experimented in the beginning , alot of people do. It's when it became a problem I had to let go of ideas and ways of life that were working against me. I was like you, arguing a point to people who probably don't agree.. looking for anything to pick out and call bs. The cops statistically got called when I was messed up and made bad decisions, etc, etc. The system is flawed, people benefit from the illegal trade yes, for a while anyhow, then they get arrested or killed, something bad has to happen eventually. If it really worked I imagine you wouldn't be talking about it. You would be doing it with no consequences. The idea that you are even speaking up means that you have a miniscule mustard seed of belief that it don't work. Maybe I'm wrong though, I don't know you.

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I think treating the cause or the symptom is up to the person with or without a drug problem. Yes the system is flawed, that's why its up to the person with a problem to seek out what works for them. Excuse me if I may have been crass, but I don't want to take away from the fact that imissyou89 is doing a great service by going into this field. I think saying that most people who try crack and heroin don't get addicted is not only not true but very dangerous. If you think that the large scale manufacturers, wholesalers, and drug dealers rarely get caught, join them. I think that you probably disagree with their tactics though and see their gain is in exploiting addicted human beings. There is such a huge demand because people try these drugs and then get addicted and they get caught in the cycle of addiction. If your thinking is that everybody's doing it, what's wrong? I would just say that the all the people with the addictive mentality who are using haven't run into enough problems... yet. Its as sure as death and taxes. I don't want to take it because I know what the outcome is every time.

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Chances are you will find little to no people on this website who use drugs or alcohol like "normal" people. I don't have anything against you, man. I guess I take it pretty seriously because my past, my addiction, issues in my life have pushed me too close to death, so yeah. Its your choice to hate me or not.

Me seeing your point would be a miracle.

I'm letting this go, peace be with you. I apologize if I offended.