Can't find a way to go on

This week, my doctor calls me and says "You have Chlamydia" He just decided to test me for it, even though I never asked. My husband of six years is the only partner who could have given it to me, I didn't have it before. I am heartbroken. I confronted him and he doesn't want a divorce, still wants me, but his excuse for this is that I am "just not good in bed and he hates having sex with me because he knows I don't like it" Of course I don't like it, he tells me how awful I am all the time so how could I enjoy it. Then, the worst part is he says "Why should I have to feel guilty for every little thing and live my life to make other people happy?" He is not sorry. He is not going to stop. he thinks he is entitled because in his opinion I am just not good at sex. I told him in my opinion he is not either but I just suffer through it, I don't go out and betray him. I just want to die, it hurts so much I just want to black out because I can't face life. I can't see how I can ever forgive him especially when he isn't sorry... but if I leave him I don't know how to live alone, or how to get rid of our house, I don't want to live in it but it is in my name. He doesn't pay any bills or have money to pay the mortgage. I can't find a way to go on but I don't know why I keep waking up every morning and unfortunately I don't die in my sleep.

I am so sorry, he should be sorry about what he did to you. My husband dosen't feel sorry about what he has done to me, he told me that it was my fault for working third shift and he got lonely, I like you make the money to support our family while he goes out and betrays me. He gave me a STD once and tried to turn it around and act like it was me, I have never cheated, why get married if you are going to cheat? About your house maybe sell it or have a friend move in with you. In my sistuation we have no house, we sold ours and moved in with his parents so I could take care of his sick mother during the day. So now I am stuck looking for a place for my kids and I, as of now we are going to stay with a friend for a bit. Keep your head up and don't let him put you down,there is never a good reason to cheat. You are in my prayers as well. I will be here for you if you need to talk to me, sounds like we have alot in common.

please, ShortL, don't even think about dying because of the low-life form that's your husband. He is just grinding you down, attacking one of yours most vulnerable points -sexual performance. It's mean even for one-night stand to tell you this, let alone for the man supposed to LOVE, RESPECT and CARRY for you. So, he may have two reasons to behave so nasty -slavemaking{he wants to have you out of ballance and ready to accept whatever treatment he pleases to use with you} or he simply hates you. You are severely abused by him either way. What you have to do is DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS AND DON'T PUT UP WITH HIS BEHAVIOR!!!!!!About the house, Carrie's right -invite a friend to live and split the bills, or rent some rooms.And keep in mind that as the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the good sex is in the mind of the participant. Chear up, and be firm with your husband - nobody has the right to use and abuse you. m.k.

Shorty, dont let this man project whats going on inside of him onto YOU, what hes doing has nothing to do with you its all about him & only fulfilling his own self gradification, doesnt sound very mature from what you've described about him.

You said the house is in your name THANK GOODNESS for that, try some of the advice mentioned previously i.e., rent out rooms if necessary, & if you decide later on to keep the property as in this economy is probably the best route to go & cheaper while you wade through the wreckage thats been created.

You've just begun the process of realizing what type of person your dealing with so go very easy on yourself & talk w/someone you trust to deal with how its made you feel. Your correct in that trust issues will be forever ongoing & my heart goes out to you. We're all here to talk it through & listen to you.

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