Can't get out of bed in the am Been calling in sick to work

Can't get out of bed in the am
Been calling in sick to work
Now I am afraid of getting fired
Need the bucks

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*hugs* Please relax, try to re-establish a normal disciplinary regular lifestyle where you sleep at fixed times, and wake up at fixed times. Don't allow fear to be in control of your life. You need to rationally decide to do what is best for you at all times. Drag yourself through the day if you have to, and get back to work.

I know I have felt like that many times and I got put on probation at work for missing too many days. I had to start seeing a psych doctor and got new meds. Work helped with EAP assistance. Good luck!!

Thx so much! Went to psych doc and came up with some good ideas involving sticky notes, then to my 'hip' nursing admin - I got some antibiotics for my stomach, and a few low dose pain pills. This am, I had no trouble getting up, no nervous stomach, for the first time in months. It's like a miracle!

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I take probiotics daily, as I also suffer from IBS. They have been a lifesafer. I hope it continues to go well for you. :-)

What does EAP mean?

What kind of probiotics do I take?

EAP is employment assistance program. It means employer sponsored (and paid for) programs to help employees. For me this meant therapy at the expense of work.
I take Jarrow's formula bowel support. It's the only type of probiotics that has helped me for more than a month or two. Here's the link on Amazon.

I'm not sure if your doctor has prescribed you any ADHD medication, but mine has and it changed my life. Before I was that student who was always late for class and got up 20 minutes to the time I had to be anywhere, however, I learned a trick. I set two alarms in the morning: one an hour before I should wake up (this time I take my medication) and then I have one the time I should get up. Because ADHD medication is a stimulant, it's like taking 3 energy drinks in your sleep. An hour after you've taken the medication it is at its highest concentration in your blood, so when that second alarm goes off, you are ready to make movements. I'm not even joking, I could have had 3 hours of sleep, but if I do this little trick I'm up, awake, and excited for the day!
hope this helps!

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Thank all of you. Some really good help and caring comments!

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