Can't get the thought of another man having my wife out of m

Can't get the thought of another man having my wife out of my head. She says it never got sexual but she doesn't sound convincing. Tomorrow this will be discussed for the 1st time in therapy. Cant wait yet I know therapy is sooo quick that the real reality is when we walk out the door. Wish her and I could go to one of those live in couples therapys like on tv. Where we could be there for a good 2 weeks to figure it out. Hate this one hour, once a week deal.

They have a couples retreat dealing with infidelity it's on the affair recovery site (you tube)

Really? Let me look into. Thank you.

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@Romer let me know if you cant find it

I know that’s torture, Romer. Even though it has not happened to me I have friends who went through the same thing and their pain and anguish is too real to me. Another weekend getaway program that you can check out is one that takes place at different locations all over the country at different scheduled weekends. It is called A Weekend to Remember at Another one is Hope Restored at It has fewer locations but one location might be closer to you.

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