Causes of Autism - Breakthrough Discovery

This article discusses a breakthrough discovery on the causes of Autism;

"Imagine being the parent of a young child who is not acting normally and being told by your doctor that your child has autism, that there is no known cause, and there is no known treatment except, perhaps, some behavioral therapy. That is exactly what Jackson's parents were told as their 22-month-old son regressed into the non-verbal psychic prison of social withdrawal, disconnection, and repetitive behaviors typical of autism.

While we don't have all the answers, and more research is needed to identify and validate the causes and treatment of autism, there are new signs of hope. A study just published in The Journal of the American Medical Association by researchers from the University of California, Davis called "Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism" (i) discovered a profound and serious biological underpinning of autism -- an acquired loss of the ability to produce energy in the cells, damage to mitochondria (the energy factories in your cells), and an increase in oxidative stress (the same chemical reaction that causes cars to rust, apples to turn brown, fat to become rancid, and skin to wrinkle). These disturbances in energy metabolism were not due to genetic mutations, which is often seen in mitochondrial problems, but a condition the children studied acquired in utero or after birth...."



sure would be glad if we had a major breakthru in this field of science, the spectrum is so wide and diverse that its hard to find others who have a child with the same symptoms let alone something that works for them all

i will keep hoping that one day we will be there

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

You and me both! I am really hoping that there will be a great breakthrough that will work across all cases.