Celebrating one year of normal weight range

A year ago I stepped on the scale and saw the number that took me from "underweight" to "normal" according to my height and body shape/frame size. Since that time a year ago, my weight has stayed in the normal range. Sure it has fluctuated a bit, but it has never dropped back into the underweight zone. I think this is something I need to celebrate!

Also, I finally wrote "my story" in the anorexia section of the journal area. I realized I have read so many of yours but never shared my own, so it's there if you are interested.


congratulations! that is awesome!

congrats! It's so nice to hear success stories!

Miss Heather...congratulations on a very important achievement!! You have every right to celebrate, and shout it to the treetops!! Thank you for sharing!! Jan ♥

Hi MissHeather,

I read this post and thought it was so awesome that you put this up here! I also read your story and am just so amazed by your strength. I hope you know that you are likely an inspiration to other people in very difficult situations.


Congrats!!!! :) it really makes me feel good to know that it is possible to get better and recover from this. thank you so much for the inspiration!