cheater caught

i jus found out my dads been cheating on my mom. i answered a call on his phone and it was just spam. i saw he had notifications so i looked and i see he has multiple notifications from LocalFlirt. theyve been together 25 years. the amount of rage i have is seething. i want to lash out at him and hurt him. after all my mom has put up with and his sorry ass wants to step out on her. she gave him 3 kids. she gave him everything and he repays her with drunken bullshit and whores. i dont know what to do i wanna beat him till he cant move.

I’m also going through the same thing right now. My dad’s been cheating on my mom for about 2 years now and she knows about it but she doesn’t care. They’ve always had a bad relationship and she keeps saying she wants to divorce him but never did for some reason.

ik mine wont leave him bc she needs his money. the resentment i feel for both of them is unmatched. they were always a “stay together for the kids” couple and i hate them both for it

Been there, it is so maddening, they stay because of the money and the guy/dad just does whatever they please. UGH~