"Chemo ditch day"

Well folks, tomorrow is my last chemo! I was thinking about a chemo ditch say! It is true about what they say about your final chemos.....you are so over it!!!!!! I am actually starting to feel sick thinking about the needle in my arm tomorrow as I write this! YUCK!
I asked my Dr. last week if there was any way since I have been such a good patient, if I could just skip the last one....I mean would it really matter, it's only 1, right??? Let's call it "chemo ditch day." He looked at me with a TINY grin and said, " sorry kiddo, it doesn't work like that.". Well, I had to ask.
Anyway, next up, scans in 2 weeks, then off to Radiation. Anyone been through rads and did you have any side effects?
- Deana

Just wanted to say congrats and hope that your final chemo day went well. On to better days ...


Congrats for making it thru Deana. It really is a HUGE feeling of relief.

Where will you be getting your radiaton? I had 4 weeks of radiation in the neck and chest. First two weeks were a piece of cake. Second two weeks were hell on earth and I thought it would never end (and I have a high pain tolerance). By about day 7 I started developing a slightly scratchy sore throat, and by day 11 it felt as if my throat were constantly on fire. I couldn't talk (even whispering hurt a ton), and I couldn't eat or even drink without it feeling like I was swalling crushed glass. I lost more weight during 2 weeks of radiation than I did in 4 months of chemo. The doc can prescribe you pain pills to help with the pain, but I was still working as much as I possible could, and I had three kids to keep up with so I declined to take any because I hate that sleepy, loopy feeling and I needed to be able to drive. There is also something called magic mouth wash that you could try, but it tastes nasty and because my taste was so sensitive from the chemo even the thought of drinking that stuff made me nauseous. The sore throat lasted for about 2 weeks after radation ended, but it started getting better and better every day after about 4-5 days.

One thing you might want to talk to your doctor about is shielding your salivary glands. The radiation can damage them and you'll have a severely dry mouth - sometimes they recover and come back once treatments end and sometimes they don't (I work with a guy that had non-hodgkins and his salivary glands are pretty much destroyed). Because of him I talked to my doctor about my concerns and he tried to protect my salivary glands as much as possible - and it worked out great.

Thank you. Well my areas where the tumors are in the chest and down the esophagus area. My doc said depending on what the scans read, will determine how long radiation. It could be anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 weeks.
I will most definitely ask about the salvitory glands. Thank you for the info and sharing your story.

It's been quite a while since I last posted on here. I was diagnosed with HL Stage IA on November 12, 2009. Started the first of 8 chemo treatments on Dec 8. Took a few weeks break after my last chemo and then started 21 treatments, ending in mid May. My first scan after the treatment was fantastic news- complete remission! I've had one other CT scan and it also was clear. My next scan is on Dec 16 and then find out the results on Dec 22. I'm hoping for an early Christmas present!

I guess my question for those of you who have been through the 6 month CT scans for 5 years is- does the worry and nervousness waiting for results each time every go away? Just when I think I am doing fine I get nervous thinking about it.

To those of you currently in treatment, hang in there! It does get better and you will make it. Chemo was not much fun and I was usually out of commission by day 4 after chemo- and then 2-3 days of blah. Radiation was much easier but I found I tired easily and the itching drove me nuts!


Where wee you itching?
I too am nervous about the scans and will go every 3 months form what I am told by my dr. For the first yesr, then 6 mons until I hit the two year mark, then once a year for the rest of my life.
Good luck and conggrates on the remission so far.
Sending positive thoughts your way.

Last day of chemo was rough but at least it is done....of corse my veins were stobborn and I got pricked 4 times!! I have beautiful track marks now!!!!!
Hang in there all of you going through this.....it will be over soon!


The itching was on my upper back where the radiation was directed. Had
A pretty good sunburn look but it itched more than hurt.

Only still-lasting effect of radiation seems to be dry mouth. It has gotten better
In the last few weeks, but is noticeable.

Positive thought your way as well!


Congrats on your last chemo session. I wish you the best with your radiation.

Happy about your last chemo, sad about radiation. I haven't heard goo things about it but that doesn't mean I'm not optimistic... As I have said before, cancer blows.

In my high hopes radiation will be painless with minimal side effects...

Thanks Ross and Ryan.
Cali, I too hope radiation goes smoothly. I have heard it depends on where you receive it. But I must say that chemo has been awful for me so I would hope that anything else is a walk in the park.
Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.