Chemo number 4

on the 20th I'm getting my 4th chemo of r-chop. then a pet scan to see how my treatment is going. I'm getting nervous about this. i layed awake all last night in pain because i forgot to put a pain patch on Friday. i took dilauted but it just isn't strong enough. my one fear is uncontrolled pain. one good thing is my swollen stomach is shrinking down and I've lost 38 pounds so far. well. at least i do not have to have another bone bio. I'll let everyone know in Jan how it turned out. take care. Marybeth mbh456

Dear friend, there are no words that can ease your pain.I will be praying for you everyday, only with faith and hope we can get through this difficult journey. God bless you always.

marybeth, you are doing what you need to do and I am proud of the way you have stayed the course despite the challenges you have faced. Remember, always, that the pain you are dealing with is a temporary thing. It WILL pass as it is a byproduct of the treatment you are enduring in order to get well.

Don't be afraid, MBH, you are doing what you need to do to win this fight and doing it well. This will pass so be brave and take it day by day - don't fear the future as it will be what it will be whether we fear it or not. For now, just stay the course and deal with what tomorrow brings when it is tomorrow.

I think of you often and I wish you, as always,

good health,


Marybeth, like Kermica said, this pain is temporary and you are more than half way through this journey. Staying positive will only help with healing your body. Remember, being healthy includes the body, mind, and soul. I pray the Lord gives you peace and pray that all will be well.


I remember after getting through #4 feeling like there was finally an end. Stay positive and you will be finished before you know it.
Yes, my pain persisted for about 4-6 weeks after my last RCHOP, and I remember thinking I may have to take pain meds forever... It was depressing. But, now, some 3 months later, I don't need pain meds at all.
Hang in there... there is hope.


thank you for good thoughts. i had chemo number 4 yesterday and I'm feeling positive now about my outcomes. sorry for getting down for awhile. i know it is normal stage of cancer fighting but i hate being depressed. I'm so glad it has passed. i am scheduled for another pet scan on Jan 4th to see if my tumors have shrunk. i think they have as my stomach is shrinking a lot now and isn't so well rounded. my rapid weight loss has slowed and I'm still watching what i eat as i need to lose 100 pounds of excess weight. i feel positive I'll get there now. i just need to concentrate on drinking gateraide or propel water now instead of the diet pop i crave. one step at a time i guess.
Marybeth/ mbh456