Children's Self Esteem - Finding The Happy Medium

This article provides insight on finding the happy medium in providing self esteem to children in a healthy way;

"The past forty years have seen a revolution in child rearing and the educational system. Parents are constantly admonished to help their child build self-esteem'. Schools have developed an entire curriculum around promoting self-esteem. And it is true that healthy self-esteem is an indicator of happiness and satisfaction throughout life.

But, how much is too much? Have we gone overboard on instilling good self-esteem to the detriment of the whole person? Have we removed reality from the opinion of self-worth? Many experts now say we have gone too far. One of the most telling indicators is recent studies comparing United States and Korean math students: Korean students, although more proficient in math, scored lower on self-esteem questionnaires than did the lower-performing US students. The US students no longer could DO the math, but they THOUGHT they did well. This kind of disconnect does our children a dis-service that endangers their future, particularly in a global economy...."


Hmmm....I can tell you that when i was in school, I was taught nothing about self esteem or respect for myself. I dont know for sure if things might have ended up differently for me if i had been taught to love myself more and be confident in me, but i have to say, i dont think it would have hurt at all.

I believe that my parents taught me the happy medium of self esteem, though they always kept me grounded and never over-inflated my self-esteem/ego. Though, my aunt, who I spent a lot of time with, always talked about being thin, staying on a diet, only eating lite...this was all started when I was about 8 years old. So, I've always had issues with never being fully satisfied with my body because of that. I had 2 parents who praised me and an aunt who constantly pushed diet and being thin.

Being a parent, it is a tremendous responsibility. We have to have support, compassion, love and at the same time balanced guidance to prepare them spiritually, emotionally and to distinguish the right from wrong in this real world. Thank you for very important article. God bless you.

I agree Marcie, I believe that being a parent is the most incredible yet most challenging job that there is, as you are responsible for a human life. You are molding a child for their future. I see how my childhood truly affected my adulthood both positively and negatively. Thank goodness that I had an amazing upbringing by my parents so that the negativity that my aunt bestowed upon me was outweighed by the wonderful influence of my parents.