CHOCAHOLICS: Have you ever opened a box of chocolates on you

CHOCAHOLICS: Have you ever opened a box of chocolates on your own with the intention of eating only one, and found that before you know it you've scoffed the lot? Why do we do it? There's no pleasure in it. Physically you feel bloated and sick, while emotionally you feel disgusted with yourself, miserable, and out of control. The first chocolate leaves you feeling unsatisfied, so you think, Just one more." Again, it fails to satisfy, so you keep going, until before you know it, you've eaten the entire box, including the ones you don't like! Most chocolate is made from three basic ingredients: cocoa, which contains an addictive drug similar to caffeine call theobromine; processed sugar and cow's milk, which is intended to calves. Although it's true that some chocolate is more processes and contains more junk than others, there's no such thing is pure chocolate. It's all processed and it all contains theobromine. The chocolate box scenario is typoica of addictive behavior. Addicts often feed their addiction in private, as they don't want to admit to it. They see it as shameful and often lie to cover it up. From "The easy way to loose weight" By Allen Carr.
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That is why those big boxes are a joke, I mean really, who needs all that! Bad gift people!

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I am guilty of eating an entire box of chocolates and then opening another one. That is another thing that is so good about going sugar free, I don't have that can't just eat one chocolate things.

@watergirl81 Sounds like you’ve gained some freedom for your life.

There is a lot of freedom when choosing a sugar free lifestyle. It is wonderful to wake up and know I had not put on a bunch of weight by eating sugar. I know this sugar free lifestyle is here to stay just because of the level of goodness I feel.

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