Christmas in july


since christmas is one of the most stressful and expensive times of the year i thought we should have a monthly countdown full of hints and tips to make the season happy not strained.

it is almost time for the shops to have the end of season sales so why not go get a bargain to put under the tree for those moody teens in your life, today i got a top sports brand top and joggers for half the price wouldnt have brought them at full price but both cost less than one item in the sales.

alot of pound shops are now gettin the winter season stock in so go get your stocking fillers gloves sox hats scarfs and perfumes.

for the little ones u can get paper and crayons for a few pound keep adding a box of chalk some felt tips if they are old enough and u soon have a huge bundle of fun for a few pounds,

a lot of the shops now have some form of saving scheme so if u put three pounds on a week from now till xmas u will be able to shop without feeling the cost,

stuck for xmas presents that are cheap for adults why not put to gether a hamper of essentials just add a tin or package to your weekly shop it wont cost a lot and will b appreciated, or look around for that cant do without home item (my favorite is towels end of season again im afraid)

what ever u think about the season weather its bah humbug or happy times it all costs and in this economic climate who needs to add to the problems or use a flexi friend

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I've done that & they use ever single item especially the toiletpaper&plunger, everybody out there needs to listen to this & keep it simple. :D

hmm a plunger will go look at the local diy shop gives me a whole new idea for the soninlaw :D

loving thoughts and positive vibes