Christmas Letter to my friends. :)

In the interest of keeping things simple this year…

Things I Learned in 2010:

1. When Kickboxing, it is better not to punch one’s glasses off one’s own face.
2. The bathtub ledge can be a precarious place for a clumsy kitten.
3. Fear lessens only when faced.
4. Claustrophobic cats can make great traveling companions when allowed to roam; my ear drums and cat carrier are grateful for this revelation.
5. When flying in an airplane, make sure one’s water bottle has been trashed before sending it through security.
6. Some parents really think it’s okay to send a child to school with a photocopy of his/her sibling’s assignment… Repeatedly.
7. Visiting with old friends is an experience that should never be neglected.
8. Laser pointers and cats are a hysterical combination!
9. Stressful days call for quiet time, regardless of the tightness of one’s schedule.
10. Playing with students at school can lead to mayhem, or at least demolished bookshelves…
11. Rabbits can be litter box trained!
12. Anything can be turned into a choo choo track by an inventive 4 year old.
13. Giving students cute nicknames is bound to lead to a rebound effect on the teacher…
14. Photo ops can even be found in grocery stores.
15. It’s far more affective to take a deep breath, than to continue shouting at an idiotic copier.
16. Although treasured pets must someday pass, they are never forgotten.
17. It is possible to completely fill one’s laptop computer with I-Tunes music…
18. Turquoise and pink gel pens are apparently less threatening when applied to failing papers.
19. Vacuums do not operate well with either cat toys or peat moss lodged in their hoses.
20. I am stronger than I knew.

Love and light to all this holiday season,


Ahhh....such wisdom and truth....and humor!! Thank you for this Jen!
You ARE stronger than you know, and I believe you will continue to see this more clearly!
I love this share!
Wishing you a joyful Holiday and true love and happiness!!

HUGS...Jan ♥

Thanks for sharing Jen! I found myself laughing out loud at some of this and feeling extremely warm and happy for you in other parts. The holidays are a nice time to reflect on the past have grown and gained so much perspective in so many aspects of your life, that is apparent. Wishing you a great Christmas my friend :)

very cute list, thanks for this!


Wonderful! Best wishes to you Jen as you will hopefully enjoy this holiday season more than ever before!


Thanks, friends! Love y'all!

And I'd love to hear your lists, too!! ;0)


Thank you for sharing. I love it.

Have a awesome Christmas