How was your first year after you made the decision to quit?

I made the decision to quit back in January, after I had a really bad freak out and worried a bunch of my friends. I had a lapse back in March but ever since I've been doing good. Recently I've started becoming under alot of stress about a month or so after my lapse, and it's been getting harder and harder to remember why I quit. I'm also suffering from depression, which is another matter that I don't think helps, and my roommate is now fighting cancer.

I'd like to hear some feedback of how everyone else is handling quitting. I don't really know anyone that quit. Most of my friends actually never really did it(but I ended up making alot of friends that did).

It sounds like you are looking to self medicate. You don't need the cocaine.

Self medicating really destroys the body. The best thing for you to do is to get professional help. A therapist maybe all you need. Then, if that is not enough, then a psychiatrist could help you more. A doctor could provided you with other alternatives such as medications for the depression or other types of therapy.

If you have stayed off of the coke for this long ... don't go back. Just remember what it did to you ... what it did to your friends and what it did to your money.

Good luck.

i started doing coke when i was 15...i was doing up to three grams a day for a couple years i stopped for about a year..for some reason i jst stopped it had alot to do with the people i was friends with didnt do it and thought it was unexceptable...after a year of no coke i started up a bad habbit again first once a week then pretty soon everyday again pretty soon i literally couldnt do it anymore i fucked my nose up so bad. plus i was rly young..i had a rly great job that i lost then i started loosing everything because of the drug and i mean everything friends my familys trust every job i got i lost my car my license everything.. the thing that finally made me stop was when i realized its not physicaly addicting its all mental that blew my mind ..i thought if this is all mental i can stop wenever i want..but by this time i needed to stop or i was going to die very soon..i just got it out of my mind and convinced my self the drug itself was completely dicusting and not apealing what so ever..why would you want to feel like that.. why would u want your heart to race and be paranoid and plus its rly expensive ive wasted so much money on it and all it does is tease you to want more..its rly not still addicted to it but i jst have to tell my self that i have things to loose and its not worht it to gotta decide whats more important to u..and i garentee in the end it would be cocaine

Thank you both! i don't plan on going back, just because it's been this long and i don't know what would happen if i were to slipup. it's hard but i guess i just wanted to know that i'm not alone. it's tough when there's nobody really around to relate to.

well your definetly not aloneim dealing with simuklar problems..hang in there

I have problems with depression too. I use to do a gram of coke once a week and I loved it. Eventually it just become such a nisicance and I stopped. Now I'm working on quitting smoking and pot as well. It's not easy bit it is doable. Keep in there!

Thank you both. I used to do about a gram too a week, I shake my head when I look at all the money I used to waste on all of that crap.