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Okay so I am takig a creative writing class to fullful and arts credit. I don't do creative writing- atleast in the wu they want it. Fiction short stories and such. I am freaking out because I have a short story due Tuesday an I have no idea what I want to write about! Or how to write fiction or a short story! Any ideas?


Here's a link:

I just did a Google search on how to write a short story and literally hundreds of links appeared.

The advice I can offer is this: Just write. Pick something and go at it. Pretend that your fingers have turrets and just let them spew their perverse ramblings.

Once you have tried that, then just go over what was typed and clean it up.

I too HATE writing and understand how you feel. However, it's really not that hard. Just do it.

I love writing. I hate forceful writing. When you MAKE me put pen to paper, give me a prompt, or have me write in a way i feel uncomfortable aka fiction short stories- of course I hate it. But when I write for me or its a simple research paper I am fine! All this forced creativity. I just don't work that way haha.

Thank you so much for the link!!!


You are welcome. :)

I use to fear college English classes. I would purposely come to class at the very end on test days. I don't know how I did this but the teachers would let me make up the exam in their office later on in the day.

This tactic gave me the time to write an A+ paper. I don't think I could have ever written a paper worthy of any grade in just 45 minutes. I hate to write but HATE IT EVEN MORE when I have to use pen and paper.

I sooooo know how you feel.

Good luck.

I LOVE creative writing! I find it a great way to release.
In my writers craft course we did a murder mystery for a short story and it was quite fun.
But you can do short stories about almost anything!

Fun ones are ones where you describe a the events of one hour. It makes you focus a lot on small details and feelings (with not so much conversation), and it could be as simple as a girl getting ready for school in the morning... or switch it up and write about the perspective of a dog!

Look at past experiences in your life, and things that you always think about. You can get inspiration from almost anything. Paying attention to news stories and people watching is a good way to get ideas too :)

Good Luck!
Paige xoxo

Paige .... the dog lies. It's all lies I tell you. Don't believe him. LOL

Oh thanks Paige! That is a great idea. I didn't even think about that one. To do something so simple! Thanks for the ideas :)