Combined Symptoms Worrying me, but not my Dr

I went to the Dr last week as I have noticed a loss of weight (5%) in two and half weeks, and I am not trying (actually have been trying to gain weight through lifting) and I have had a nagging pain in my lower back for the past six weeks. The weekend before I went, I woke up (sat and Sun) with mild night sweats, pillow was soaked and my hair was wet. We went over all of these symptoms, and he said he would Xray and do blood work.

Over the past three nights I have had night sweats again, and Monday night they were really bad. Woke up at 2AM, pillow was soaked. Woke up again at 4AM and the whole bed was soaked, and so was I.

Blood work and Xrays came back negative. I called the DR, and told him something is not right - night sweats three nights in a row, back is still sore and I notice it more when I have a drink or two. Totally dismissed my idea, and friend's who is a radiation oncologist intern, that it could be something more serious and I need to get a scan. My Dr said no worries, we will try a blood culture.

I am worried sick. I am 32 and in great shape - this cannot be happening. Should I trust my dr, or get a second opinion. Torn

Always trust your gut and get a second opinion. When my husband was diagnosed, all of his blood work came back fine. We got a CT and a PET scan before we knew that there was a problem.

You do what you feel is best!

Please get a second opinion because your symptom sound just like mine in the begining I ignored them thinking it was menopause or something. By the time I found out I had hodgkins I was at a stage 3.

Seabassttu, please please please get a second opinion do not wait for your current DR. You do not have anything to loss but a lot to gain from the Second Opinion.

For 9mths they told my son that he had nothing until we had him seen by a Friend who is a Dr and with 24hrs he was told he had HL Stage 4.

So don't wait.