Coming back home

I have been using going to my bf’s house as vacation time for a while now, specially if his dad is not in the house, which is happening often lately. It’s a scape of the problems in my house. And thats when i think that I don’t like vacations, what is the point to have some time off when i have to come back to the same shit all the time? I feel like my house is falling apart and nothing is being done to try to fix it, i feel like i have zero help from my mom because she complains about her long going back problems and not having money, but i also have back problems and most of the money i have i use in the house, im paying 3 of the most important bills in the house, my grandpa (her dad) pays another two, now he has cancer and im thinking if he will keep helping or not, just like her i refuse to find a job but at least i dont try to find the answer in the stars or in whatever mistic things she is always doing. My shower, two taps, the bathroom sink drain are leaking and i feel like im the only one responsible for fixing it, we dont have money to pay for someone to come over and fix it and i dont have the patience and the knowledge to do it myself, i didnt change a lot of things in the house, ill buy a new shower tomorrow and ill change it myself but, im tired of being the only who seems to care about it and do something, it’s the reason i feel overwhelmed all the time, i am not ready to take care of a house by myself, specially without a job. Idk what kind of response i want from this but if you tell me to find a job in something that i like or something similar i will snap