Comparing.. I can't stop!

The comparing is the worst right now.. If I go anywhere, or just stay home, i'm constantly comparing how much I eat to others. I carefully watch their plate to make sure I don't eat more than them.. I compare my legs to 8 year olds and wonder why mine are bigger (Even though it's stupid too wonder that when I know the answer). Please helpp!!! Any advice??!

Is this too much? Not enough?? just right?? Here's what I eat most days:

Breakfast- Cereal w/ 1% milk

Lunch- ham samwich w/ miracle whip, diet 7 up

Dinner- A starch (pataoe or spagetti) rarely a protein, diet 7 up

Snack- Cereal w/ 1% milk., diet 7 up

Hi Leelee22, why do you feel that the comparing is getting worse now? And, I am not a nutritionist, but it seems that you have yourself on a proper eating plan. If you can, try to add more protein [fish or chicken], as well as vegetables to your diet. I try to eat a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables and protein everyday. I'll eat 3 proper meals and snack in between. Have you ever talked to a nutritionist or doctor about a proper diet?

Leelee you are not getting any fruits and veggies...these are important...please maybe instead of the snack of cereal, add some fruit or veggies...add fruit TO the cereal maybe?

That's a great idea Lilac! I'll have oatmeal or cottage cheese with bananas. Bananas have great nutritional value and are filling as well.

How are u today leelee?

Hello everyone :) I'm doing better. The comparing is still bad, but hey? i'm eating! So I can't complain. Thank you for the ideas! I will def use them!! Thank you so much :) I love cereal and since it's been so long that I had it, I;m addicted too the crunch.. I don't know why, it's weird, plus i put A TON of splenda in there! HAhA.

Can you add some berries or banana?

Leelee22, it's so great that you are eating and the comparing will go away slowly but surely if you work on it. I used to do the same and it took a while for me to get to a good confident place. It was all about me loving me from the inside and out. As long as I know that I'm healthy, nothing else matters.

I too love cereal and the crunchiness of it, but I add bananas, as it adds that additional nutritional value. Also, Lilac's suggestion of berries is great. Any bit of fruit to get the most out of your meal.

Thank you Lilac and Puppydogluvr. I have been adding in a half of a banana at breakfast. Thanks :)

Good!! I'm very proud of you...can you add the other half to your nightly snack?

LeeLee, that's so so so fantastic! I am so happy to hear that you added banana to your breakfast, and saving the other half as a snack is a good way to go. They have a ton of good protein. My doctor always recommended bananas to me.

I could try that.. Thanks you guys :)You're great !

Of course LeeLee, we're here to help you in any way that we can. Please stay on this brilliantly positive're doing an amazing job!