Confused about how to date these days

How does a traditional girl like myself date in what's become quite the untraditional world? I was raised in a family where the man was the bread winner and mom was a house wife. I was also taught that the man should always come after a girl and court her properly in order to win her heart. I still see signs of traditional dating here and there, but very rarely. Most of my friends are now online, and some of my girlfriends will be aggressive in getting the guy. I also see women being more and more competitive when out and about in who get a man's attention, and I really don't understand it. Is this really what dating has become?

Even 7 years ago, dating for me was so different, I feel that men were chasing me, asking me out, and really pursuing me until they had me in a relationship. Now, I feel like the men that I meet are fair weather fans; they'll have an interest for a moment and then move on to the next one. And, the same goes for many of my girlfriends. I live in a major metropolitan city on the west that the problem? Do I need to relocate to a more traditional state, town, etc?

Hey Puppy,
My mom said it once before..."the problem with ye lot is that ye can communicate too much"...this thought actually stuck with me. When my mam and dad were dating, they met at the dancehall, if they liked each other, the next week they showed up at the same dancehall and after that decided to was so innocent and sweet.
There was no texting, facebook, IMn, this constant and instant communication, means that we are in each others heads immediately, constantly everyday, bombarding.

So I think at the minute the only tradition you can keep is keeping it cool, almost to the point of near unavailable...but just about available. Guys love a good old fashioned chase...I think it's the hunter gatherer instinct still in them.
Sure I'd say in this society they find it easier to swing from girl to girl, (as we could too) but at the end of the day, it's the one that pulls the heart strings that wins out.

Don't worry the right more mature guy is out there. Never mind the apes swinging from vine to vine...evolution hasn't quite kicked in there for them yet:)

Love to you hun
MG x

Thank you so much for your brilliant comment Moongal, always love your words of wisdom as they really bring such peace over me. I totally agree with you, it was so much simpler in our parents' time, rather than now. With modern technology, I think that there are more choices, more temptation, etc. Though, I absolutely agree with you in that there are those pretty amazing men whose heart strings will be pulled in our direction and they'll stay for the long-run. Men are inherently predators and they love the hunt, that's one thing that I know for sure. I was thinking back to my previous serious and healthy relationships, and all 3 men chased, chased and chased till they caught me. As well, I wasn't readily available to them. Somehow I've lost that edge and have made myself more available and I think that's the problem. I'm going back to my old ways and will report back to you ;-)

By the way, I LOVE your "Don't worry the right more mature guy is out there. Never mind the apes swinging from vine to vine...evolution hasn't quite kicked in there for them yet:)"......BRILLIANT, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

i wish dating was more traditional....i don't like the online dating thing. its intimidating. All these men just making themselves sounds so fabulous when they are probably not.

I would love to just go out and have someone catch my eye or i catch theirs and take it from there. Online dating to me is like looking at a catalogue you get in the mail! lol

Ya it can be like that, but sure it's not for everyone. And in one way it can be good to just talk to people. I talk over email, pretty much how I talk in life, I wouldn't lie, cos lies just get you caught out...hey I thought you said you were the queen of England...ha ha.

But ya right now I am on the site, but i have put up, just looking for email chat and not looking to date. I think it's more of a looking for a guy who can just make me laugh and confirm, yes, there are nice, good, guys out there.

But I think playing it cool is the major thing...I was actually talking to mam about this again, and she was saying, we meet a guy once and if we have a date with them the following week, we have talked to them pretty much everyday during the week anyway...where's the mistique? I like learning things things off people face to face, to see reactions and for me to react.

Hope you are doing good hun. Love how you are looking forward to meeting the next one. Great way to be.

Love to you
MG x

I'm right there with you re; online dating Heather, it's really not for me. I love the feeling of that chemistry and connection simply from a glance or a hello.

And, I really like your take with online dating Moongal, it's a great way to dip your toe into the water so to speak/write. Your mom is so right regarding playing it cool. Funny enough, I was talking to my aunt about dating today and that's exactly what she told me. She told me to play it cool, not to be too available, but to show signs of interest. She said not to be forward or direct, to allow a man to be a man, and allow him to take the lead.