Confused by Doctor

I was diagnosed in December of 2009 with fibromyalgia. I was already using a rheumatologist due to having polly arthritis. My rheum. told me that there were alot of options out there for fibro help. However after trying just 2 medications he decides the other day that he wants me to go to a pain management clinic. Has anyone else had this problem and should I change doctors or what?

I went back to my rheumatologist yesterday... he has no idea why I am having the severe fatigue?? What?? He acts like the fibromyalgia might not be causing that. Should I try another doctor or what? I mean I have the fatigue and brain fog these are symptoms as far as I can tell from what I have read. He says that he just doesnt know what else to do except run some blood tests and he did. Got the results back today. He says all is ok. However my sed rate is 78 it shows that the sed rate is high and that is the way it has been. So guess he is gonna turn me over to my family physician to find out why I have the fatigue and brain fog and I do have bouts of pretty good pain but right now I only have the fatigue and brain fog but stress makes it alot worse and I get stressed very easy when I am so tired. Help!!! Any suggestions??

Have you been checked for anxiety or depression. I had them before the fibro but it seems that the symptoms have become more apparent now with the brain fog and farigue. Hang in there!