Confused husband early dementia. trying to understand

confused husband early dementia. trying to understand

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Sorry your husband has this. Why are you confused? What do you want to understand?

@bebobaBetty he will be 80 .how i seperate my emotins to his flare ups

@ann1739ok Sorry to hear your husband has this. My friend's husband has FTD and it is a rare dementia although I think now it is becoming more known. But he is in his early 60's and was diagnosed 2 years ago. She is handling it like a champ. My Mom has Dementia, it is not too terrible yet, but bad enough that she is in a Skilled Nursing Facility because she can no longer live alone. No matter who and no matter what type of dementia, it is very painful to watch loved ones go through this, we are here for you.

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@zee4ward thank u . the hard part is watching the change from day to day.