hi my daughter has been diagnosed with ocd. as a parent i don't know how to stop her from her repetitive wiping. i dont believe in medicating a child. i just dont know what to do to help her stop the repetitive wiping.

First of all, as a parent and someone who has OCD..learn everything you can about it. EVERYTHING, learn her patterns and how she does things. You really need to learn about her and the illness. Talk with her about it. What makes her feel like she needs to wipe all the time, how does she feel when she does it. Mental illness is very hard for people who don't know what we are going through to understand us. I wish my mom understood more about my OCD and depression. It's wierd because all those years that I thought I was a really wierd out of place child it was all of this building up and my family had never dealt with anything like this so they always told me to get over it. You can't "get over it". Try natural remedies, with doctor's okay of course. And med's might not be a bad idea depending on how old she is and how bad her OCD is. I don't like medicating kids either, but thinking back all those years ago that I suffered because my family thought I was just being lazy or I was crying for attention and nothing was wrong with me, I wish they would have done something more. Meds maybe, natural remedies YES!!! Please, please take my advice and don't get upset with her, it's an illness not a way of being different or wanting attention.

Thank you so much cowgirlmom2. I am going today to get books on OCD. Maybe that will help me understand why my daughter cant stop her repetitive wiping. It’s just heart breaking when I see her do that. I’ve looked up some all natural remedies on line and I will ask my Dr. if I can give them to her. Do you know of any good natural remedies that seem to work with children that have OCD?

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