I haven't been sleeping thinking about the tragedy in Connecticut. As a teacher and a mother of a four year old I just keep placing myself there, asking myself what would I do? A part of me feels guilty for being safe, for my daughter being safe, for her being in my arms, for holding her hand across the street, for celebrating the holiday... thinking about the families who are not, families whose holidays will never be truly joyous ever again. The teachers who are not going home to their families. For the children who lost their friends and couldn't possibly understand. I am deeply heartbroken, and yet, this tragedy has happen across a country from me..

Is anyone else feeling like this, too?

Yes I feel deep sad feelings, and same as you, I wonder if it is right for the rest of us to enjoy being safe, with our families, and celebrating the Christmas season. This is a tragedy that will never heal, and it is going to be a struggle for the rest of us to keep going, but we must! You being a teacher, and a mother this must effect you even more, really hitting close to home for you. Just know that we are all feeling the pain of this tragedy, and we are all grieving, so you are not alone.

I am so deeply saddened as well. I realize so many parents in Ct who found there children safe r so thankful yet I cant get out of my mind those parents who didn't. I am still in shock as I know so many of us r. It is heartbreaking horrific tradgedy I don't think we will ever get over. My heart goes out yo those parents n children who's lives have been changed forever. My prayers n love r sent to them

Though I do not live in your country. This tradegy has had such a profound effect on many people here in Australia. Many people have not let go of this and I don't believe they will until there is change. This tragedy has especially effected many people who have little children. None of us want to send our children to school and have them taken away from us(no matter what country you live in or what color you are.....).
The best way to move forward is to appreciate what you have (your own children), always know where your children are (protect and care for them and other children). Release the fear and do not give any power to it. It is a time for change and even if you are ensuring the security of your own children wether that be in your own home / school or in public, it is sending a message that those little souls did not die in vein.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Rocksasamick, I think you're right about it hitting close to home. Sacred Well, it's very interesting knowing about how Australia is responding. I'm not thinking about it as much anymore, but still find myself weepy when my daughter says something extraordinary or I read something sentimental. Hope always, I agree that it is a shock for everyone. Glad I'm not alone and thank you again for sharing your thoughts and experiences :)