Consequences of love

i am in a relationship with my ex husband while we were married i was hurt and he left me 3 times so i and many other family members decided it was time for me to get a divorce. i went thru with it and the day before the actual divorce was final i realized that i had made a huge mistake so we didnt talk to each other for months to come to my surprise he was in a relationship with an older woman we both just turned 23 and we were together 3 years engaged for 6 months and married for 1 year and 9 months. i was really hurt when i found out that he was with another woman and she was 31. my family doesnt really care for our relationship so i had to choose between them and him and it was the same with our marriage and we would argue about that. yesterday i found myself talking to an old flame about how i feel and how i have just been sooo down in the dumps, i just wanted someone to tell me that they loved me and to hear how they felt about me. when we got back together he would always say how much he missed me and loved me and how he cant be without me but now its like yea ok whatever and it hurts becuz i finally confirmed that he doesnt love me the way that i love him and he feels as if i am going to hurt him in which indeed he cheated on me while we were married and left me by myself 3 times in another state and all i did was divorced him and it crushed his world. i dont understand how it is ok for me to take a chance at love with the only person i want to be with and he doesnt feel the same about me. i asked him yesterday in his heart what is it that i do for him or how do i make him feel and he replied he doesnt know, then i asked does he see himself being with me for the rest of his life and he replied he doesnt know then i asked does he ever see us having a child together and he replied he doesnt want any more kids right now, i dont have any but he has one and i love her to death but she is not mine and i want to feel what is like to have a lil person of my own, i am very hurt and heart broken right now and in my mind im realizing what is going on and i kept telling myself that u cant be with someone who doesnt love u the same way that u love them but i cant just leave becuz i love him sooooo much and i just feel so stupid right now, am i wrong for trying to work on this for the second go round or should i just left it alone and never talked to him again. in the back of my mind i knew that i could never be happy with someone else becuz my love for him was too strong and i dont want to be with anyone else but him and i tell him that each and every day....... im tryin to get more feedback in case you have seen this post in another group.

I understand how you feel. Every living thing needs love, and if you are not getting where you require, questions should be ask, things should be revealed. You have done right by trying to find out where it all gone wrong, you are not doing wrong at all. Try again, pray about it, ask what he really want. Tell him to be honest to you just so you can free your mind from him even if he does not love you like you do, I know things will work out fine for you my friend. Big huges