Constantly wishing I was never born

Hello everyone
I’m new here, never used this group before. I hope to find someone to talk to, share my thoughts and experiences and hopefully strength to overcome all of my challenges.
I’m a second year nursing student
I struggle with anxiety, constant sadness and hating my life right now.
Have a teenage daughter that I’m away from and this is the root of all my problems and sad feelings.

I don’t think I like my job, but I can’t drop out now. It’s mainly because of the work environment, the people we work with. I get extremely anxious whenever I have to go to placements especially the hospital.
I feel lonely and alone. I’ve isolated myself, I never really had a lot of friends but a few that I had I’ve completely pulled away from. Simply because my life right now is the way it ( constant bad days, money problems, family problems) it never ends and I don’t wanna be the friend that’s draining with my negative energy and also I realised I can’t be the friend they expect me to be for them right now.
I’m overwhelmed. Breakdown more often than I’d want to. My anxiety gets in the way of my work. And depression is a distraction on my school work

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Welcome to SG! The first thing you should know is that you are so not alone, and many people here will immediately recognize the problems you are describing. Nursing can be very draining, and one of the things they ought to be teaching you is how to deal with the stresses and strains (including anxiety) which are part of the job. Are there counsellors at your school that you can talk to? Surely there are people there that you can call on for help: even nurses need to be “nursed” from time to time :slight_smile:

Stay in touch.

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