Coping Phrases for Restricting

I've been using these phrases a lot lately, hopefully they will help some of you out also when restricting takes over your mind...

-"Eating this food will not lead to uncontrollable weight gain"

-"Eating non-dieting meals is a necessary part of getting better"

-"I know my hunger and satiety cues are confusing to me so i must eat mechanically rather then how i feel i should eat"

-"I must eat this food as though it were my medicine, whether I like it or not"

-"I will remind myself of the physical and emotional consequences of not nourishing my body....(list all negative effects)

-"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step that i'm about to take"

These are all great Gina! Replacing the old messages of the ED with these types of more recovery-focused messages is hard, but very effective in the long run.
Take care...Jan ♥