Coping with anxiety

Hi everyone,

I am 25 yrs old and I suffer so badly from anxiety. Its something i have had all my life. My mom tells me stories of when i was 1 yr old and i would sit in my high chair with a worried expression on my face!

I am highly strung! Sometimes when I am trying to sleep, study or out with friends. thoughts will pop into my mind of things i have to do, things that are happening in my life.. or worse.. things i have no control over, such as my parents finances! And i sit there and stress about it!

What adds to this is that I am obsessive compulsive. So I feel anxious about things that others wouldnt even think about, like things being out of place in my flat etc etc.

Without medicating or seeking professional help, does anyone have tips for coping with this anxiety? You would really be a life saver!


I am so very similar. I stopped asking my parents for money a long time ago because I was so stressed out about whatever their situation may be. Still, my main anxiety is feeling like I am always going to die.

I have tried so hard to battled my anxiety without medication, because I do not want to be dependent on it. What has helped me with my attacks is finding something to return to normalcy. Usually getting online to talk with a friend, or watching a sitcom I like, like The Office, Friends, or Seinfeld, helps me, but only temporarily :/

I'm not quite sure how to post and have my post responded to?

Hi, I'm new to the group. I am suffering with Depression/Avoidant Personality Disorder/Mild OCD/Severe Anxiety at times.

I feel that I'am constantly being watched.

When I have to go out in public or go anywhere in public, I never look up and never engage in eye to eye contact with anyone.

My mind is constantly filled with scattered and broken thoughts. I can obsess over the smallest thing for days at a time. The worst is obsessing over other people's judgement of me. It's crippling me emotionally because of my own preceptions of what I think they're thinking of me.

I've been depressed for over a month now. I don't have access to any mental health doctors. I've been out of work for almost 2 years due to the recession and just recently went back to work, but have to get past the 90 day probation period to get medical/mental help. But when I do get it, I don't want them to know that I'm seeing a mental health doctor. They will probably fire me.

I've suffered with severe Anxiety and Depression all of my life and I've been on meds for years.

The worst of it is the constant fear of being judged by other people/strangers and the fear of them saying anything negative to me.

Othe than work, I stay inside my apartment and will rarely ever have the shades open, because I feel that there are people trying to look in at me to see what I am doing, even though I'm on the 2nd floor and they can't really see in because I'm up so high.

The depression I'm experiencing right now seems to be severe. I feel as though I can't think clearly, it's like my mind is in some kind of a lock-down mode. My emotions are blocked or seem to be shut off. I feel that I don't care about anything. Overall, I'm a neat freak, but right now my apartment is a disaster! If you saw it right now you would say that I am also a hoarder. But the things that are lying around are things that I've started to do, but have given up on shortly after starting them. It's like, what's the point? If I lose my job, I have to pack it all away in boxes anyways.

These past 2 years I've gone through some very hard times, becoming unemployed in 2008 and out there every day trying to find work. I went on so many interviews, over and over, but never got hired. Finally, 2 years and 2 months later, I landed the job that I have right now. But, I am now living with the constant fear that they are going to fire me before my 90 days are up.

I have severe paranoia and I am socially inept, not very good at socially interacting with others, which you have to do while your working at a job. Right now, I have to answer the phones and when I have to speak to a perfect stranger, it literally terrifies me and sends me into severe panic mode because I stumble over my words. I don't know how to talk to people. Thus is the reason I always look down at the ground while I'm walking out in public.

I have no friends and rarely talk to my family.

I'm so glad to have came across this site. Just being able to share with others what I'm going through and know that they will understand means so much.

My advice is to find something to distract yourself. I found out If I'm doing something productive i don't have panic attacks or if I feel it coming on and I distract myself it gets better. Read a book, clean, watch your favorite shows and movies. Or excersize!!! I hope this helps! I'm here anytime ya need to talk!