Could I be bipolar?

Following a rather sickening discussion with my mother today, she mentioned how my mood swings so much...that I go from being high energy and confident to so depressed I don't want to get out of bed.

The thing is what she describes as confident is just me getting out of bed and doing some exercise, that's it. I don't have that confidence at all. It's just completely confused me now and I feel terrible, cos I don't want to be bipolar, not because I'd be ashamed it's just I thought I was on the path to recovery from being diagnosed with depression, now i have to start all over again??? new tablets???

Can someone tell me where do i even start with being diagnosed with this? I really feel like I've taken a blow today.

I am so sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone with bipolar disorder either, it's just all come as a bit of a shock...and I would like to know the answer either way.

Love to you
Moongal x

Everyone has mood swings.... It is a part of everyday life. It sounds like what your mom is mistaken as elevated mood is just you being active as opposed to isolating. Also, if you stuff your feelings they may reveal themselves as irritable or moody. I work with clients who have bipolar disorder and the mood swings are crippling. Days of being up without sleep, but still feeling rested, hours of goal-directed activity, and high impulsively (doing things that seem good at the time but have a high potential for negative consequence). When the "high" wears off, a deep immobilizing depression follows. If you're currently seeing a therapist that person would surely have talked to you about bipolar disorder if that was the case. Either way, bipolar, depresstion, etc are all just labels and they are only useful to help treat the problem. You are not your diagnosis, but first and most importantly a person. Hope this helps :)

Hey Anodyne,
Thank you so much for your reply. I have done some research on bipolar...and although I do go through some phases of being overly "happy" shall we say, I am still extrememly aware that actions have consequences.

I have often read how people feel they are invincable. How I know with every disorder there are levels...and i think mam mistakes the difference between an extrememly depressed day and a normal day with me, because a normal day with everyone else, would seem like a particularly brilliant day with me to the onlooker, cos I'm out of my bed, etc...

Thank so much for the response
Love to you
Moongal x

Moongal, I have a close friend who is bi-polar and from what I've learned about you and everything that you've gone through and are recovering from, I would say that you are just going through the normal path of recovery. Though, I am not a doctor and have no authority to diagnose anyone. But, I totally have to agree with Anodyne, we all have mood swings, and it's so normal most especially on the path to recovery. I've gone through periods, most especially when I'm trying to recover from a tough situation, where my moods are quite extreme. I try and try as I may to control them, but we are human and emotions will run rampant.

Allow yourself to go through these moments, and maybe try to start nipping them in the bud slowly but surely. Don't put anymore pressure on yourself at this time and allow yourself this time to heal. We are here for you, and I know that you will get through this and be better and brighter than ever before :-)