Court proceedings have began. I am aware that fighting a

Court proceedings have began. I am aware that fighting a narc in court is pointless but I have no other option. The narc hired a lawyer to protect her and her accomplice (my younger sister). The smear campaign has began but I read all about it and it helps even though I don't like it and I get fearful at times. It still causes me a lot of pain which goes a long way back in my family history. Inheritance hijacking is a national sport and the nice laws which are supposed to protect are ignored. Seems like the legal system is now a business. I have been fighting this alone, watched how she slowly destroyed what was left of my parents after she was done manipulating and stealing from them. They were in disbelief, and so was I until after they passed away and I realized that my sister had turned into a full blown narcissist. I still have a hard time accepting what she has become and that she really did this to my parets. I also know that I must get over it, accept what is and do this if I want to stop the suffering which is also affecting my body. I feel so broken sometimes and hope to make it through the next few months. It's no longer about all the money she took, I would gladly give my share to a charity just as long as justice is done and I have fulfilled my purpose.

Just don't consider her as family any more. Protect what you can protect at all cost from her.

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I don't know how old you are, but try not to ruin your health/well being over this.I know, easier said than done.But you are all you really have. Wishing you peace.