Craigslist is killing my relationship with my husband. Why d

craigslist is killing my relationship with my husband. Why do I choose to be an addict......

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Its really hard i feel the same just keep slipping back the way - how can we get past it

i wish i knew. Because I sure do not like the feeling anymore.

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@fixingmylife4me yeh its not great at moment can you go to any face to face meetings where you are

yes, I make at least 1 a week. how about you?

I understand how u feel my husband is addicted to dating websites and online chat rooms if u ever need to vent msg me I could probably used some adive too

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@Pamela36 my husband is too and I have caught him and he swears he will stop and I forgive him only to catch him again. I cant take it anymore.

Yeah it's tough, such a bad habit I was and am addicted to social dating sites and just trying to not do it is hard.

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I don't know if it so much "choosing" to be an addict. I find there are certain triggers, like for myself music is one. I stay away from the booze now too as that always ends up taking me there. Addictions are a tough one to group might help

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yea want sex all the time is hard. my wife thinks I nuts some day because I want to see all women I can nude.

@glnknott I want to see everyone nude :wink: