Crappy morning. Feeling weepy and just like I don't want to

Crappy morning. Feeling weepy and just like I don't want to do anything, even though I have plenty of things that need to be done, and plenty of things I could do 'for fun.' Sometimes I just don't know how to snap out of the funk. I feel despondent, in spite of nothing being actually wrong. I weaned myself off anti-depressants this summer, and this is the first winter without them in prob 5 years. So I think maybe that is part of the problem, as I do have SAD and depression/anxiety sometimes. I want to cope without them, and I believe I can, but sometimes I forget how hard it can be.

@tigerskitten Welcome to SG! You will meet many wonderful people here, fondly called SG friends. The bottom of the page is a FAQ, it will assist you in navigating the site. The top right of this page are numerous groups, also there is a Support Someone icon, familarized yourself with them. You may join as many groups as necessary. There are Divorce, and Anxiety groups. SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow......

Thank you. Yes, I have joined the Anxiety and Divorce groups. They are my two main concerns right now.

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