Creative Expression

This morning I have been asked to play guitar and sing at church. I have chosen to sing a song that I wrote while I was in treatment. I am scared to death that I won't be able to get through it without breaking down. I am SO NERVOUS! Have to go get ready. Big Hugs all around

Sarah, I think that is wonderful! You will do just fine! Remember, God said to make a joyful noise unto Him, not perform an opera or a symphony. You will be blessed for your obedience. I hope the words of your song will touch many hearts and give hope to those who are hurting. I would love it if you would post the lyrics on here for others to read. Isn't it great when tragedy is turned into triumph?

Sarah...I'm certain your music and words touched many people. If you cried, it only shows how powerful the song is for you! I hope you will share more with us, and let us know how it went....Jan ♥