Cure for CFS by Irish Doctor

This is an interesting article about an Irish Doctor who has a treatment for CFS;

"An Irish doctor has come up with a successful treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) with an eye to eventually finding a cure for the condition that some doctors believe can be treated with anti-depressants.

Dr. Derek Enlander, born in Belfast and a resident of the U.S. since 1966, told the Irish Voice on Monday he is extremely concerned about the attitude many doctors have towards CFS, otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and sometimes referred to as the invisible disease.

“This is a very sad disease that is not recognized and treated,” said Enlander, who practices internal medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and serves as president of the Israel Medical Research Foundation..."
        Source:, 11/10/10

any break thru in medicine is always a positive thing to follow

lets hope that this helps people who suffer

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

I know, my fingers are always crossed for these breakthroughs so that it can help ease those who are suffering from the disease.

Is that the end of the article? I didn't see exactly WHAT it was this doc is proposing to utilize to treat this disease.

As you all have said, I keep my fingers crossed, in a semi-sceptical stance, that someone, somewhere, will actually research and come across something that not only recognizes what causes this, but can treat it successully for ALL of us who are effected by it.

Thanks for the info!! I'll try going on his website.

Mistyrose52, there is a link at the bottom of the article that will take you to the entire article. I am always hopeful and pray that there will be a cure that will help those with CFS.