Dating Someone Like Yourself

I was wondering if anyone has ever dated someone that had a similar mental/medical condition like their own.

If you did, how did it go? Was it beneficial? Do you recommend this? Was it easier to communicate with this person? Or was it a huge mistake?

I think the benefit of dating someone who is going through something similar is a level of understanding in terms of what you are both going through. Sometimes it's really hard for others to totally comprehend what you're going through, so it helps in that sense. Though, it also works when you don't have the same issues, as you have more balance. You can balance one another out.

I have a close friend who is bi-polar and has some other ailments as well. Her boyfriend is on medication for depression. They are getting engaged and have an incredibly healthy relationship. They don't have the same issues, but they have a good understanding and respect of one another's issues.

So, all in all, I really believe that it depends on the two people and how they handle and work through their issues. I wouldn't write someone off if they have the same issues.