I've been told by my therapist that all of the other schizophrenic women she sees have schizophrenic boyfriends or husbands. I'm just wondering should i conform to this idea because dating is hard when the person youre with doesnt understand the breakdowns or the symptoms you experiences. Maybe it would be a good conformity because my partner would understand me more and could help me and vice versa. I cant really find anything wrong with the thought.

Sounds like something worth a shot. If the idea sounds intruiging to you, then that's all that matters. It's good to have a criteria in mind. Don't lose sight of it. You need someone who will support you, he's out there somewhere.

Thanks !

Its good that you think of Dating, this is positive thinking in this stage .A schizophrenic will understand u better of course , but I think life will be more healthy with some one with no mental illness , even if they do not understand.
I think I need someone to take care of me and watch me for the rest of my life .
It is hard to find someone who accepts you on the way u are..