Daughter Newly Diagnosed

I have read some of your posts, and I think you all will be able to better help me understand what my daughter is going through, and what I can do to support her.

She is 16, Diagnosed as Bi-Polar about 6 months ago, tried Lamictal for 1 month - didn't like the way it made her feel went into a deep depression began self loathing and cutting and quit taking it. She has cycled with extreme highs and lows twice now and is in the midst of a low. What triggered the low...I found online that she hadn't turned in any homework since 9/23 so I grounded her and took her phone and cut her contact with any and all friends until she pulls her grades up because her social life had taken precedence over her school work again. (her social life really only involves her bf and a select few close friends) She did modeling & acting and drama and since she has been with this bf she has become more introverted and negative and has pretty much lost most of her friends. He was home schooled his entire life and didn't participate in social activities. I digress...

She has voiced an interest in going on meds again however with anti-depressants this time as recommended before. My fear is that she will loose her creative edge. I am on an anti-depressant and the flattening effect is horrible. However I cannot handle her emotional roller coaster much longer and I am sure she cannot either. She brings the turmoil into the entire household. I have two younger children that are 6 and 3 and she frequently will take her anger and frustration out on the 6 year old because he is autistic and an easy target.

So I would love to hear from your perspective how I can give her the support she needs while still being the parent I need to be to keep her on track to being a successful adult and not letting this disorder control her life. Thanks everyone...

First off BRAVO for disciplining her as so many times parents want to excuse/ignore/not deal with the behavior due to the disorders. As your aware any prescribed meds will take a while for anyone to adjust & dosages have to be adjusted as well & one has to deal w/becoming immuned at any point time as with any long term medication. This is a disorder that has to be managed usually for life & all surrounding the issues that go hand & hand will have to learn also in how to mediate/assist/guide/lead. Would be wise to have the doctor give you more options/alternatives for helping your daughter as she will need to learn also right along w/you to be capable of staying productive & somewhat cycle free & keep protecting the little ones.

All my strengths.


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