Day 1 of being out of an emotionally abusive relationship an

Day 1 of being out of an emotionally abusive relationship an i feel sad for my ex.almost like i want to give him another chance but i know it will be the same....i guess i just gotta take it day by day

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how do you know it will be the same? if you want it to work...don't give up

If this has happened before and it didn't work do not go back. especially if it is more than once you have tried to make it work. You will know when a person is trying to change.

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Just read an article that just may help you.
Let me know if it helped.

This is how I felt a lot! So many times in the 3 and 1/2 years that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and every time we broke up. He was mentally ill, suffered from bipolar depression, had a rough childhood etc. These were all the things that made me feel bad about ending things. But I have to let you know that you are not helping him by staying with him, and you are certainly not helping yourself. He will never change because staying with him won't make him see that his actions are wrong. Anyone who encourages you not to give up on an emotionally abusive relationship, does not understand how the cycle works. Please realize it will be the same. However, I cannot tell you what to do, you will move at your own pace. Certainly take it day by day.

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I've felt exactly the same. Just know that you deserve to be happy NOW, and not at some undefined point in the future when you think things might get better if you give him another chance. Actions speak louder than words --- he had his chance to be a nice, fun, and caring boyfriend to you and HE is the one who wasted that chance. You're too good to give someone who didn't treat you right another chance :) I know it's hard now but try to remember in the long run you will be happier without him and his emotional abuse. You deserve so much better!!!! (I don't even know you but I can say that because no one deserves to have that in their life, and there's no excuse.) Try to stay positive, stay busy, and know that with time it WILL get better!

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