Day 1

I feel like I am eating SO much! I am full. But I planned my whole day so I feel comfortable with what I planned. And I am doing super well so far and I feel really good about it. :) Hopefully this will get easier over time and I will get used to the new rules.

On a different note, I was thinking to myself this morning about my recent relapse since I have been talking to the dietitian and the nurse about it recently. I realized last Friday would have been a month since I last purged! I mean its not like I haven't thought about it in the past month to purge- but I haven't in a whole Month! For the first time in a while I am feeling really good about this whole recovery thing- finally feeling more stable. Especially with all the new support I have with Mike, friends, and my parents.

Thinking of all of you! Hope everyone has a good day :)

<3 Good job on doing well Allee!!! Glad to hear you are feeling stable and embracing recovery.

--Take care

allee...Yay! Congratulations on an entire month, free from purging! Planning your day's food out ahead will, I believe, prove to be very rewarding for you...much less anxiety 'in the moment', you know?
Thinking of you....Jan ♥


You're becoming SO strong! It puts a big smile on my face :)
Sorry I've been away for the past couple days but I'm glad to hear you're making good progress.

A whole month without purging is excellent! And hopefully with a meal plan in place things will be easier for you :)

Always with you,
Paige xoxo

I am trying :) Thank you Paige for the support. How did your grading go!!!!?!!? I have been dying to hear about it.

I know super big accomplishment. I can't believe its been a month - it also marks a whole month at university. I hope this meal planning this way gets easier. Its kind of overwhelming at first. And when I get things all mixed up I cant figure out where to put the missing pieces. I don't know... Any suggestions? If I mix them up should I write out what is needed for the rest of the day maybe and fill it in a different order for that day? I am so confused haha.


Allee :slight_smile:

My grading went great! You are now talking to a Gold Belt :slight_smile: There was a couple parts that were difficult (and painful lol) but I made it through and I’m proud! John and I went out to celebrate afterward with dinner and two movies :stuck_out_tongue: We always end up seeing 2 for some reason lol

I definitely think planning meals this way will make things easier for you because the obsession of calories is taken away, but I would recommend planning things the day before for now, so that nothing is missed. In the long run, if you miss a serving of vegetables one day it’s okay because that’s just part of maintaining a healthy diet, but for now plan in advance. If you need any suggestions for meals let me know :slight_smile: It’s easier than you think to get all the servings you need! Do you know what a serving is for different types of food? If not, here’s a helpful reference :slight_smile:

The support site removes some of the direct link in my reply so go this one and click on each serving, then go to the bottom links of each page and click on the "What is a Food Guide Serving of _________? you can read what a serving of each is :slight_smile:

Good luck!
Paige xoxo is hard when you try to substitute or make a change in your plan at the spur of the it's best for a while to avoid that if possible. But the concept can still be maintained....If you always begin with your total, and begin substracting as you go. I found that it's best to pick your foods that contain dietary fat first, so that you don't fall short on that, and then fill in the 'holes' with other foods that seem appropriate. Getting in at least 25% dietary fat is critical for the healing of your body and your mind.
Message me if you have specific problems.....take care...Jan ♥

Thank you so much for the advice!

Paige- thank you for the site. It lists more than the packet the dietitian gave me. But you know what I noticed? That my food amount on an american serving is sometimes slightly different from canada's! Isn't that weird. Like for a serving of grain and oatmeal, Canada says to eat more of it than america. Hmmm...isn't that interesting?


Really? This is quite interesting indeed .... makes you wonder which one is right :\

Paige xoxo

OMG i am sooo happy for you--way to go!


For anyone that was curious I believe I figured out the serving mystery!
The United States measures in ounces
Canada measures in grams
Ounces are bigger than grams, so the serving will be "less" but the recommended amount will equal the same.

It's the whole imperial vs metric thing.

1 ounce = 28.35 grams

Thus grams are much smaller than 1 ounce, and so while the serving in Canada seems to be bigger, it is because our cups are in grams, while your cups are in ounces.

I tried to figure out an exact example...but my brain is going bleeeeeeee lol

But I'm pretty sure that's the reason :)

Paige xoxo

hahaha I got it. I totally forgot about that! Why can't America just get with the program and join the rest of the world :)

Thanks Paige for figuring out the mystery

Lol I know so did I! But haha yeah :P one day maybe lol

And no worries :) It was bugging me a bit and I'm settled to know we are both right :)

Paige xoxo

That's good. I was kind of like wait a second! Haha :) thanks though. I had fun looking around Canadas food pyramid site. It was cool to see the similarities and differences. :)


Well done Allee. It's great to hear that you are embracing the food groups. I hope everything is still going well for you.