Day 1

Well, its been one day. I thought aboutit last night but I didn,t go I guess like they say one day at a time

Absolutely...One day is huge and I hope you make it to the next...This is the hardest time of craving what you don't want to do anymore...Stay strong and w/ each day know there are people who are in awe of this ability...Really...Good luck going into the next 24 hrs...

Hang in there gamelover. Let's make it happen. Stay away from it forever.Its been four days for me and I still think about it. It's like having a favorite toy taken away from me and I know I won't be able to play with it anymore. But then again I think about the misery gambling has brought into my life and to loved ones around me although they don't know about it. I still haven't told anyone except my boyfriend. I still can't accept what I've done but it's done. I'll just have to do my best.