Day 2 in being a single parent. Sadly I’m back in my home

Day 2 in being a single parent.
Sadly I’m back in my home state with my family. Except without my kids. It’s literally the hardest thing for me to do. Luckily he spent all last night and today doing the same thing. Blowing up my dads phone, calling my other family members, leaving voicemails/texts with threats, including using the kids as leverage. He is desperate to regain control of me. Thank God for my dad.. because it would’ve been worse without me being able to call the police.

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@iCanBeStrong1 You left the kids with him? That would be my question as well, how old are they? He's going bananas because he doesn't know how to handle them alone.

@DearPeace @Rdan I did not have a choice. He did not agree to let me take the kids and by law “parent cannot kids out of state w/I other parents consent. That is his only leverage against me. So he’s been trying to use them against me. They’re 3 & 6yrs. They were not happy about staying with him but I’m fighting for my kids! I’m completely broken hearted that I had to leave without them. He barely even knows how to take care of them. He doesn’t know how to stay on a feeding schedule with them. He forgets to feed them until the oldest says he’s hungry. He doesn’t have the patience for them and surely doesn’t care about their well-being. He only cares that he has control. He won’t let me talk to the kids without talking to him about “us”.
There is no more us. I’ve been trying to talk about us for the past 5yrs. I’ve been waiting on “Us”. I can’t wait anymore. But he makes life about himself and everybody else’s problems; then says everyone does him wrong. He doesn’t trust a soul and has no patience or empathy. So what am I waiting around on. He wanted me to wait to afford a sitter for couples counseling while I continue to take him talking to me and putting his hands on me any kind of way.
Yes we had good times together but that doesn’t make the horrible times disappear.

This is terrible! Has he ever been violent? Could you document that, file report and make up case as to why he shouldn’t be around them? I’m so sorry he won’t just let you leave. That’s so weak and childish of him. I’m glad your dad there to help you out. Hope things get better!

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@Foundlove With me yes… that’s literally the only part I’ve been leaving out of my story this whole time. I just don’t have any evidence of him hurting me. Just me hurting myself because of all the pain he caused me on the inside. He’s been using every tactic to try and talk about us. I can’t do anymore we’ve been talking for yrs and got nowhere. I stopped answering him because there was nothing constructive being talked about. He thinks threatening me is going to get me to talk to him about fixing us.