Day 2 of this...and no it wasn't a's 2 i

Day 2 of this...and no it wasn't a's 2 is def better then day 1. I wish I could tell my mom n sister what's wrong with me..they keep asking and I just say I'm not feeling god but in my head I'm thinking I have herpes...even saying..spelling it out shocks me ...and the fact that I'm pregnant makes me more sad..I hope today goes better I just want to sleep..when I'm sleep my mind isn't over thinking..hope everyone has a good day

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I'm on Day 2 of being diagnosed, too. It's painful and I feel like a walking germ...but that's just in our heads, to anyone else it looks like a cold...but we know better. I'm trying to keep busy, keep my hands busy and my mind busy for the rest of the week, and see if that helps, something to keep myself from dwelling on this. I think I'm still in shock...i don't know about my future, my future relationships, my future baby...but I do know that this is a common disease, and a treatable disease and that I will survive it and learn to cope. And you will, too.

Tell your mum but if you feel she will react badly tell her you want her support not judgement. You need to stay well for your baby try not to stress. Time heals and we all get better as days and mths pass.