Day 3 and still going strong. I'm feeling great, and again t

Day 3 and still going strong. I'm feeling great, and again today wasn't bad at all and I even went grocery shopping (I usually buy ice cream etc and eat it all when I get home). Instead I had a lump of fear in my chest, took a minute to recognize my fear, realize it wasn't the worst response I could have and then successfully bought healthy fresh foods. I am noticing some bloating but it's not bothering me as I know it should only be temporary. I'm really happy to be smooth sailing for the past 3 days, I think my patterns in eating have helped. Unlike other attempts to quit in the past I'm not starving my self to avoid over eating. I have a rough estimate of how many calories I should be eating and then eat roughly that, "big" (healthy) breakfast, an egg, turkey sausages, a piece of whole grain toast, and a finely sliced apple. Today I did however have 2 big cups of coffee and think this caused me to feel very weird a few hours later, my hands were shaking as I was eating lunch, think it was just the jitters but it freaked me out a little bit.... Anyway I'm actually letting myself eat enough and eat substantial foods and I'm doing really well, craving/compulsion to over eat has been really minimal and I feel really good. I'm also not exercising obsessively as I have in the past. Running is great and I love it (when I get to do it outside anyway) but if I want this to last I need to learn that I can also survive normal eating habits without exercising almost every day. I'm feeling really positive and sending this energy out to everyone else that is suffering as I have or worse.

Sending love and joy,

Day 3 and going strong indeed! Your mindset is amazing, and the kindness you are showing yourself can only help your progress. Stay strong, we are here for you.