Day 4 of no fap but now the feelings are back and it’s get

Day 4 of no fap but now the feelings are back and it’s getting intense and I don’t want to go back to trying even tho I’ve been told I just need to keep it on a moderate scale I want to stop completely,what can I do right now to ease this feeling?

Do some jumping jacks, push-ups and sit ups like crazy, non stop, out of breath pace. That may distract your thoughts.

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@105thank you
I’ll do that now,been trying to keep myself busy with work but it’s distracting me

the feeling to return to old habits can hit hard, Distraction by keeping busy helps. The exercise as mentioned before. something that helped me, i had to remind myself that i was working to be beter, that i had a purpose( to be a better me) and that helped. It gave me more focus on my goals and helps with some of those feelings. Congrats by the way, keep up your hard work.

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@Griz75 So glad I found this group,thanks I am sure now I can make it today again

It takes time. A lot of time. Look for distractions and find a way to be at ease at times without sex.

@7102steps thank you,I was able to go through yesterday and almost done with today.Thanks guys