Day three

Some of the withdrawal symptoms I have noticed are:

Extreme fatigue during the day (similar to the first trimester of pregnancy). For the past three days, I have slept almost all day. Luckily I have enough flexibility in my job/life to be able to do so.

Wide awake at night, day one I woke at 2am, next day was 3am. I am usually up for two hours or so. I kill time by watching TV, or surfing the net till I'm tired again.

Stomach and appetite issues.. I'm not hungry at all, but I have a few pounds to lose, so I'm not stressing over it. I have felt nauseous a few times-even now as I type this. That part sucks, but it's fairly mild, and I hope it passes soon.

Irritability-- this comes usually in the afternoons when the kids are home and going a mile a minute. My partner helps with this, as I just explain what's going on and that I need help and patience while going thru it. I know from experience that this will subside in a few days.

vivid thoughts/emotions- I think this comes from numbing myself with the pot.. all of the sudden I'm not numb anymore.. so perhaps I'm getting used to feeling and thinking again. I'm trying not to have any deep conversations, or life changing plans at the moment. Everything seems intense right now, and I'm not sure I have the right perspective to do any deep soul searching.

Feelings of guilt-partly from the fact that I've quit many times already-how many times can I ask my partner to be patient if I keep going back? Also guilt b/c I"m not doing much this week. I'm usually on top of house cleaning, yard work, work, etc.. but I've kinda checked out this week--doing the minimum I need to do to get by. Funny thing is I doubt anyone cares about the house being a little messy as much as I do.. so I try to keep that in perspective too.. the guilt is coming from me, no one else.

Head in a vice- I haven't had headaches per se but my head doesn't feel 'right'.

That's all for now.. wish this board had a little bit more activity so I didnt feel so alone here.. but they say to writing helps.. so that's what I'm doing. Hope it helps someone out there. :)

Hi, how are you feeling today?

I quit pot awhile ago and I can relate to what you're going through.

It's good you're not beating yourself up about not doing much, and regarding your partner, well he will just have to deal wont he. that's what love is, being there for each other.

I'm sure one day, you'll need to be there for him, so it will all even out.

I'm starting detox tomorrow off prescription meds, which I've done twice before, each time it was going to be the last. But hey, we slip up, it's no use getting angry with ourselves over it.

Anyway, the withdrawl sounds very similar to pot. I think all drugs are pretty much the same when we detox. Our body has got so used to them, that I suppose we have to go through something.

Anyway, good luck with it all.