Dealing with a mother in early stages of dementia

Hi, I am new to the discussion board...and am hoping I have posted this correctly this time!! Are there any others dealing with a single parent who has early stages of dementia, and is part of what is now being referred to as the sandwich generation? I have two young children, and a mother who is suffering from dementia and personality disorder. It can be draining and emotional at times. She still has enough capacity to live on her own and wants the grey area right now....she is very thin, and due to living alone, sometimes forgets to eat and/or doesn't make proper meals,though she is quick to deny this is the case.


the stress and strain of trying to cope with three small chilren must be taking its toll and leaving u with nothing but more problems

although your mother has most of her faculties she is now regressin to be a small child and needs help try and get her assesed by social services who might be able to offer home care (people who make meals for people like your mum encourage them to eat it and keep a book so u can see what she ate daily)

u also might be able to see about a day center a couple of times a week so that she is catered for there.

and dont forget u need to take time for u during this period

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

I am new to the discussion baord also. I have a dad with dimentia and like verrhonposted, he too is the same way. Lives alone wants it that way, wont eat unless i give him a sandwich, may snack at nights. I am looking for a support group in my area to learn more. Sometimes sitting there for an hour he asks me the same question every 2 minutes i have to chang e the subject. Sometimes i guess its a subect that is concerning, or a shock to him. WE recently let his aid go she was dishonest and not showing like she was we the kids were doing her job. I would like to understand dimentia more.

glorry anna

im so sorry for u and i understand that its frustrating to answer the same question a thousand times i have a daughter like that and my mum bless her was a pain in the butt in the end but u can get help
remember eveyones level of coping with this is different and its not something to worry about the level of illness allso varies and sometimes its hard to see it on a good day but dont be worried its more the norm than anything else at the moment so there is lots of good info out there to read and digest

ring help the aged they have great starting packs for u

love D