Dealing with anxiety

Wow, today's quite the day. My anxiety's through the roof and I just don't know how to subside it. There are a multitude of things going on, most especially the stresses of my businesses. And, late last night I found out that my close friend's father [who I visited in the hospital] passed away. As well, a man who I saw several times over the weekend never bothered to contact me again and it's already Thursday.

So, all in all, it's anxiety over my friend's loss, my businesses, and this man who hasn't contacted me. I am trying anything and everything to subside this anxiety but it's really overwhelming at the moment and I don't know how to take it down a few notches.

hey, im new to this website, but im dealing with pretty bad anxiety only i dont understand fully what im feeling that way about.

but anyways, today i meditated for the first time, i never believed in it before, but after only about 5 minutes i literally felt like i wasn't sitting in my room anymore and was in a sort of dreary relaxed state. when it ended i felt way better and all my problems seamed more approachable.

im surely going to meditate more, here is the link i use to meditate to:
i used the 7 minute one, called complete meditation instructions. i hope it helps you like it helped me.

First of all, getting it out of you - here - is a good thing. Andy's suggetion sounds interesting and I will try it. I have some guided meditation tapes that I've used. Kelly Howell has several out there and you can get them at a good book store. The trouble I find with meditation, is finding the time. It's like you need something right then and there. If we get really good at mediation we should be able to bring ourselves to that 'safe place' during an episode. What I find most grounding is simply playing out, step by step, what is the worst thing that could happen. I usually find that not only is that 'worst thing' unlikely, but it's also kind of silly. Take a deep breath and know you can get through this - we are all here for you.

Oh sweetie,
I am so sorry for your and your friend's loss. That is so tragic and I understand your anxiety in regard to wanting to be there for her. Visiting him in the hospital would have meant so much to her and she knows you are there for her so please remember that, she is probably being overwhelmed by sympathies and arrangements at present but you'll see her soon.

As for work, I know you are a really organised person, please rememmber there is only so much of you that can go around and that it is important to section in relaxation time too, infact it is mandatory...and if you make it a mandatory part of your routine you will have to stick to it. Remember sitting down for an hour and enjoying your dinner or reading or exercising, or just watching a favourite show, none of this is wasted time because it is going towards putting energy back into you...remember in order to run a car you need to refuel.

And as for the guy, I would say you don't have to give up on him, but just keep yourself on the market, if you get asked on another by someone else, go...I know it's hard when you are interested in someone and you hope they call and there is a little disappointment there when they are not acting as you had hoped but just remember to keep those options open.

Also I find a lovely bath helps, just a lovely long soak, takes away loads stresses and also mediation does and can work.

I hope you are feeling better soon sweetie.

Love you hun
Moongal x

Andy is right about meditating to reduce the anxiety. I practice TM (Transcendental Meditation) and practicing it for over a year now. I'm happy with the results. They recommend meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. I don't miss many mornings but I haven't been disiplined enough to meditate later in the day. The reason for this is that we meditate in the am to release any anxiety before we start the day and then release any stress aquired during the day. Therefore, allowing the mind to stay settled down for most of the 24 hours. Look at for more information. It's made a big difference in my outlook, peace of mind and reduction in anxiety plus more health benefits than I have room to write. We all have situations in our lives that make us restless, irritable and discontent. It's how we learn to live in spite of these feelings that make the difference but it takes willingness, practice and action to make change happen. It will happen if you work at it long enough. Peace & Blessings, Lisa

Andy & Lisa, thank you both so much for your incredibly kind, compassionate and caring comments. I truly appreciate the insight regarding meditation, and since this post I've made it a regular part of my life. Along with breathing exercises, meditation is my savior. Thank you both again!