Dealing with flashbacks and triggers

I would really like to hear how people have dealt with people and situations that set them off and trigger their PTSD.

Hi - I don't know if I can really help, but I just wanted to let you know that I am here for the same reason. I keep getting triggered by surprise; you know, watching 2 friends fooling around and enjoying their company, but suddenly something they say combined with the actions they are engaging in sends me into a totally different world.

Its kind of embarassing, when I have to explain why I am suddenly shaking like a leaf, for what seems to be no reason, but I suddenly can't get the memories or the words or the emotions out of my head. And I have nobody to tell, except my therapist, so I'm sure it can wait a few days (??!).

Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

<3, Tig


Is your PTSD combat related or from a life trama? Reason I ask is that different treatments work for different causes.

If your PTSD is due to a particular instance therapist are having success using something called rapid eye movement desensitizing. Sounds weird but does help in getting your brain past a specific trama like rape or crime victim or even a particular memory that keeps playing like a movie in your head...and can bring a lot of relief.

repeated combat stress or long term abuse can be helped by the rapid eye movement techniques but also really require well as support group talks etc.

Talk to your therapist about finding someone who does the treatments. A couple friends with combat ptsd have been helped by this method.


Hi Dee, thank you for the tips. EMDR has worked well for some of my friends in treatment, but I don't have a specific memory to work on. I am triggered into paralysing panic by words, phrases, actions, etc. but there is no specific day in my life to go back to. It's related to multiple abusive situations; sexual, verbal, emotional, physical. I don't always really know what the trigger is.

I have a great therapist and support groups. And it is nice to have other people on this board who are familiar with the situation.


I immediately tell myself I am ok, and pull my attention back to myself (or what I am doing) and not the memory.